Monday, March 11, 2013

What a precious little face to wake up to in the morning.

 I am not a morning person. Don't care much for conversation when I first get up. Just clear the path so I can get to the coffee maker to get it turned on. The night before this photo was taken we found this little doeling laid out on her side. Her very experienced dam was standing about 20 feet away from this darling with another doeling beside her. It was cold and rainy. Not a good combination, especially when moms attention goes to another kid. I suspect this little doeling was born first, got cleaned up but for some reason momma walked to a different spot and had the second. She became so focus on the second that the first chilled since she didn't get to nurse. We grabbed this doeling up and rushed her inside to warm her up so we could feed her some colostrum. We were successful and I tucked her into bed in her little crate and put a towel over it. I find they sleep better, which means I sleep better, when they are in a covered crate or box. Sometime that morning after Clark left for work and before I got up she had pulled her cover back and was looking at me when I walked through the living room on the way to the kitchen. She looked so precious I back pedaled and grabbed my camera to snap this shot. ~Pat

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