Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's kidding time here at Bending Tree Ranch. Here are a couple of photos of two of my favorite people, my husband and my best friend, Charlie. They are weighing a new TexMaster/Spanish cross buckling that was just born. ~Pat

Monday, January 16, 2012

Kiss Me Kate, a young TexMaster doe loves to lounge around. I find her laying across or straddling objects all the time. She's even started to influence her running buddy, Colette another young TexMaster doe.~Pat

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Boop with the chickens

Boop, a young TexMaster doeling was the smallest of triplets who was mistaken for being dead by Ms Charlie at birth. Fortunately we were able to save her. She was so tiny, much smaller than her two other sisters that I told Babette, her mom that I would raise this little one for her. Thus, Boop became a "house goat." Although Boop is now big enough and old enough to live outside she has no buddies to run with and really would like to still sleep inside with us at night. She has her own crate right outside our kitchen door on our porch for sleeping in. She runs to greet us whenever we come out of the house or drive up after being away. I love hearing her little voice welcoming me and the sweet Boopsie kisses she is so eager to give. I caught her (one of those rare moments she wasn't on my heels) checking out Rooney and a couple of his hens the other day.~Pat

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gavin, Charlie's grandson has been coming with her to help us with chores on days that are nice. Today certainly was NOT one of those days. BRRRR However, Tuesday was a lovely day and Gavin was here helping. This was also the same day we found Tula and Nuisance busy inspecting our equipment. We told Gavin to quietly walk up to the buggy and see if Tula would stay put. He followed our directions perfectly. He whispered softly to Tula, not sure what he said, but they agreed to share the buggy with one another. Aren't kids grand! ~Pat

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tuesday was a beautiful day. A great day for being outside. As Ms Charlie and I were headed out the back door of the barn we were greeted with the view of two of our best helpers checking out the buggy and hay wagon. Tula was making sure that the bed of the buggy was clean and comfy. Nuisance was busy inspecting the hay tubs. I just don't know how we would ever get things done properly if they were not around to help us out. ~Pat

Not A Care in the World...........Tula

It's been a while since I've posted photos of Tula aka Trouble. Last week I looked out the kitchen door to find her laying on the hood of Clark's old car watching the world go by. I do believe she is the happiest goat on the place. She entertains herself, goes wherever she pleases and always has that "not a care in the world" look in her eye. If only I could capture some of that feeling for myself.~Pat